Technology: Personalization & Inclusion

A key advantage of technology in education is the personalization of learning that is now possible. No longer do we have to teach the same content to all students irrespective of abilities. I engage with educators and administrators to design and  implement innovative inclusive curricula that leverages technology to prepare students for careers in a global, digital economy. Follow @positivelylearn to join the conversation.

Technology in Higher Education
Technology use in higher education exploded with the arrival of MOOCs. Now with the advances in AR & VR a whole new world of teaching and learning virtually opens up. This is an exciting development making it possible for educators to enhance the learning experience.  Designing effective, inclusive learning interventions that are in the student’s best interest remains a challenge. And an exciting one. I work with faculty to plan and create content taking into account the complexity of the subject matter and student needs. Partnering with them, I identify appropriate formats and support them in implementing teaching module/s through one-to-one coaching and on site/in classroom support.

Technology in K – 12 Education
The issues around the use of technology in learning is complicated because its presence is a reality. Up until recently K – 12 schools were still debating if digital technologies should be allowed in schools or simply adding coding courses to the math curriculum. This is changing. We have to go beyond teaching simply coding to exploring new ways to leverage digital technologies.

Adopting a studio model, design thinking and interdisciplinary project based methods, I work with faculty (6 -12 and higher ed.) and students (mostly high school and beyond) on a range of projects that integrate traditional and digital technologies. A clear example is the recent project completed collaboratively with the teacher and high school students about the Bible, letter press printing and digital technologies. Yet another example is a curricular unit where we learn about anatomy, sculptural techniques and 3-D designing and printing to make a prosthetic hand.

Technology Consulting
Leveraging my academic research skills and direct teaching experiences, I consult with organizations and companies that work at the intersection of education, technology and the media.

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