Teaching & Making for Empathy

My research shows that work that involves bodily, sensory engagement demands thinking in real time. This process that I term embodied thinking requires individuals to gather information, reflect and act simultaneously.  In other words, contrary to the conventional, general belief that thinking is a linear, ‘in-the-head’ process, research shows that the sense-think-act cycle is a simultaneous, real time process.  Based on this, I am convinced that we need to adopt an integrated mind-brain-body approach that enables students to become reflective practitioners. This calls for designing lessons and activities that call for the expression and sharing of information through different sensory modalities and physical movements. It calls for the inclusion of traditional and digital tools that enhance and extend this expression. It calls for designing and making objects with empathy.

Viewed in this way learning and teaching is a way of being in this world that is at once reflective and active, present and empathetic. It is a deeply engaging art form and craft practice that liberates and transforms us.

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