Teaching: Interdisciplinary,project based work is imperative to prepare engaged citizens who will look for innovative solutions to pressing social challenges

Working directly with students – teaching and learning – remains my first love. I began my career in classrooms working with children facing challenges. My  teaching approach comes from those early experiences.  I teach students to think, learn and make with empathy. This is necessary to prepare them for an inter-related global digital economy where differences have to be approached and understood respectfully.

Build to think and test to learn aptly sums up my way of engaging students. Using tools both traditional and digital we take on challenges that have a positive social impact.

My studio practice is built on a foundation of drawing and writing. I urge students to do the same. We then build on these skills by experimenting with a range of media from print-making to stop motion animation and projects that include designing and prototyping prosthetic hands.

Download a  sample course description. Some of my work can be seen here and here. For an extensive portfolio please contact me.