Student Work

Over the years I have taught in a range of settings from K – 12 and higher education classrooms to community settings. I work is at the intersection of theory and practice guided by a framework of empathy and inclusion. Innovation, art and technology integration are the hallmarks of my practice and academic training.
As an educator I support individuals in learning skills and nurture their abilities to succeed in the real world. As a researcher I am interested in how digital and non-digital tools and devices can augment human capabilities that lead to positive change at the individual and societal level.
This is reflected in the range of projects we – my students and I – have designed and implemented. An exploration of self in relation to others and the community is at the core of my art and technology work with students. I have engaged teachers, teachers in training and K – 12 students in projects that include mask and puppet making, stop animation films, design and production work using various media.
The ASL sign language movie was produced by students at the Blue Ridge School ‘Thinking in Action Co-Lab’ (TACL), using traditional and digital tools.